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For many years, protective measures have been carefully considered within the healthcare sector to create safety for doctors, nurses, and patients in any procedure involving biological risk factors.

The characteristics summarized in this reference make nitrile or examination gloves, one of the best options for the above activities.

These gloves differ from other reference products due to their resistance, durability, and perfect fit. The advantages of nitrile gloves lie mainly in the material with which they are made of nitrile-butadiene rubber. Primarily recommended for people with knowledge of allergies and skin sensitivities.


Gloves are an essential part of work in places such as clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and industries. Currently, the use of gloves is essential for more efficient and safe processes, as in preparation in Pharmacy, transfer administration, waste collection, contact with dirty linen, with excreta from treated patients. Spill collection.

This type of glove works well against certain chemicals and fits the hand like a second skin, providing greater efficiency, dexterity, and comfort during all procedures. In the medical area, it is used to examine patients and in dental procedures.

They are designed as an alternative to latex gloves, which can cause skin reactions, while nitrile gloves are completely hypoallergenic.

The use of nitrile gloves is essential to maintain a care regimen, but their use does not mean greater hygiene and safety; Good cleaning practices and constant changes should be considered to ensure their effectiveness.

When using cytostatic agents and other hazardous drugs, it is important to follow the recommended regimen. To ensure safety, gloves should be changed every half hour, regardless of the task being performed. This includes changing gloves when moving from the preparation booth in the pharmacy to administering medications to different patients.

Disposal of gloves should be done in a suitable and appropriately labeled waste container. When wearing double gloves, one glove should be placed under the cuff of the dress and the other glove on top, covering the cuff. If only one pair of gloves is being worn, the sleeves of the dress should be covered


Protection against infections, prevention of contagion, and safety for medical staff and patients.

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