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Tips for cleaning bar and restaurant kitchens


Do you want to learn how to clean bar and restaurant kitchens? You have entered the specified article.

The kitchen should be a clean, organized place with an ideal environment for food processing. Otherwise, food can become contaminated with bacteria and cause infection. In addition, hygiene in the kitchens of bars and restaurants can also help improve brand image. Regardless of whether it is to make the employees themselves, or the customers, feel more comfortable. Here are some suggestions!


Tip 1 - Use basic tools

To keep your professional kitchen clean, it is necessary to clean frequently and at the same time have the best cleaning products. Some of these products are drugs and substances. It is important to always keep them clean and organized so that people from different places do not mix. If there are not enough rags, scouring sponges should be used. In addition, we can also talk about products for cleaning floors, such as brooms, mops, etc.


Tip 2 - Choose a specific cleaner based on the substance you want to remove.

Choose a cleaner based on the type of material you want to remove. For grease we will use a degreaser, for limescale or scale we will use a descaler and for delicate surfaces we will use a neutral cleaner.


Tip 3 - Clean the kitchen without food.

All disinfectants used in food contact environments must be HA registered and must always be used in the absence of food. It is important to disinfect all parts of the kitchen, such as dishes, work surfaces, display cases, floors or walls depending on their material.


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