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What types of work are disposable gloves used for? Here are the different areas in which it

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

MEDICAL CARE: Whether doctor, dentist, nurse, or anyone handling biological waste in a hospital or medical laboratory, it is safe to wear latex gloves, which are extremely important to them and the patients they care for. Here it is clear that the life of these gloves is very short because they are changed between each patient. It is very important to distinguish between sterile (surgical) gloves and non-sterile gloves intended for routine use or exploration of non-surgical surfaces. SCIENCE LABORATORY: These gloves are ideal to protect scientists or researchers who are exposed to chemicals that can be harmful to health, they are useful for low-risk exposures. Sustainable vehicles.

FOOD INDUSTRY: When packaging or handling food products, it is very important to use gloves that are usually made of latex material to maintain the hygienic and hygiene standards necessary for safety and protection.

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If your job requires exposure to hazardous substances, chemicals, or certain caustic acids, we recommend that you wear (natural rubber) gloves that last longer than mittens, disposable white gloves that we all consider normal gloves. Latex Products We always want to provide you with the best and safest products in daily life.

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